The Church Evangelism Institute (CEI) Cohort Commitment Form
“Helping Churches Grow as a Result of Conversions, Changed Lives, and Reproducing Disciples.”
Our Commitment to you is to lead, coach, and resource you through a 2-year cohort experience that has been designed and field tested to help you and your church…
  • Grow.
  • Grow more through conversion than transfer.
  • Better understand and reach more emerging adults.
  • Strengthen your culture of telling stories of changed lives and evangelism impact.
  • Identify and train a strong evangelism champion and influence leader for your church who will partner with the senior pastor to bring about evangelism culture change.
  • Equip you and your leaders to be more effective disciples that make disciples through restoring what is often the weakest link: fruitful witness in everyday life.
  • Strengthen a church environment of invitation, hospitality and challenge where more unchurched people are finding Christ, growing, and then reaching others through the various ministries of your church.
  • Implement a sustainable strategy and leadership structure for outreach that will move your church toward becoming a vibrant conversion community.
Commitments on the part of you as the senior pastor and of your church:
  • Make evangelism one of the top three priorities for your church’s ministry over the next 2 years, during the life of the cohort.
  • Increase your personal evangelism lifestyle, pursuing opportunities to share your faith that your people can imitate.
  • Attend the monthly meetings and fully engage in the cohort, doing all the assigned preparation and then follow up activities.
  • Invest in the cohort community of pastors by praying for others in the cohort.
  • Implement the leadership and change strategy for your church as soon as possible.
  • Identify and recruit a partner for implementation in your church who will attend the cohort whenever possible.
  • Commit to influencing all your leaders to become faithful witnesses to the gospel and faithful leaders of evangelism in their respective areas of responsibility.
  • Be responsible to submit payment for the agreed upon monthly tuition and book and resource costs (typically $150 per month tuition plus texts, but 1/3 scholarships are available for churches that need them).
* indicates required